As a total, utter, complete NOOB to the world of Social Media, I was worried about going on Twitter.  I won't go too much into that here.  Suffice to say, I'm not so worried anymore.

One thing I've learned: Twitter is different things for different people.

It's utilized in different ways and for a variety of purposes.  Even people who utilize it for similar purposes can have completely different methods of interacting within the Twitterverse.

Many people online have their own set of "Twitter Rules."

Some announce these rules for the World to Behold!  Others simply operate within unspoken parameters.  AND!!!  There are those who believe in a set of "universal rules!"

If you don't use Twitter, one thing you should know is this: don't make assumptions about anyone who is on there.  There is as much variety in that social sphere as there is within any other dynamic environment; even as to why someone is on there in the first place.

These are my own particular Twitter philosophies.  They are subject to change.

My Twitter Technique

I try to go on once a day to Tweet, but I also try to not stay on too long.  Some days, I go on a few other times.  I usually scroll through the last hour or two of tweets to see if I find anything interesting.

Why I'm there

I made the account because people told me it's something I'm supposed to do!  *Sigh*  Marketing, Networking, Platform, blah blah blah.

Hey! I'm not a well-known author!

I appreciate and relate to the "who cares" attitudes that some have regarding Twitter.  I think it's a generally "healthy" perspective.

As an unknown, I think I should put myself out there in at least a few different ways.

Also... my feelings about Twitter have changed over time.

I actually enjoy it!  While I hope to foster some degree of interest with "someone out there" (which may not happen at all), I often laugh or am entertained, even educated, by things I find.  From time to time, the Twitteropolis leads me to helpful stuff!

Besides, it's an easy way to stay in contact, or feel connected to, a few Tweeps.

Why Follow You

Because... why not?

Well... ok.  Most who've added me, I quickly realized (much to the pain of my tender ego), just added me because they wanted to be added.

I add them back, and I've decided that this is what I'm going to usually do.  Why?  Because... it's kind of a nice thing to do, in my opinion.

That doesn't mean if you don't have the same policy that "you're mean!"

It means: if I don't add someone back, I feel as if I'm being unkind.

If the person behind the counter at the deli smiles and says "hi how are you?" I say something along the lines of "Fine, thank you!  How are you?"  That's just what I do, and not everyone feels the same way about these things, and that's ok.

There've been times that I met someone, was interested in maintaining a connection, then added them and... they either didn't add me back... or they added then later unfollowed me.  Sadness!

Being real with you -- it stung.

The first time it happened, I even sent an email to that individual.  I talked about other things but really, I wanted to know why they unfollowed me.  Especially when we'd met in person!  And connection!  And stuff!

Ultimately... *shrugs* who cares.  Right?


I'm not desensitized enough to honestly be unaffected by these things.  I can pretend with the best of them LOL ; )

I'll admit it's silly, a psychological contraption devised by a host of shaky notions.  Still, when people don't add me back, I don't like it.  Therefore, "in general," I will not be that person to someone else.

Additionally, I can honestly say I've gained from some of my random follows.  I am, however, more attached to the people that I actually know in real life one way or another.

Why Unfollow You or just... Not Follow You

1) Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, general intolerances of people and things, and so on.

2) Too many ads; too much propaganda about any particular idea.

3) Sometimes I will unfollow if I add you and you never deigned to add me back.

As mentioned above, I get that everyone has their own rules.  Still, it stings a little!  So why do I want to feel that sting every time I log in?

4) Talking exclusively about things that are not really interesting to me.  I'm a fan of interaction and conversation, actually, and there are lots of topics I could engage in!  But... there are also those topics that will not hold my attention at all....

5) People who only Tweet in languages I don't understand.  As a polyglot, and someone who loves travel, I LOVE languages as a rule!!! But, if I don't understand anything you're saying, you could be saying things I really wouldn't like and would not want to support.  And I happen to know there are TONS of people on Twitter who say things I would not like and would not want to support!

If you want to know why I didn't follow you, email me and ask, I'm a friendly guy (mostly).  But be prepared for honesty...!

Why *Favorite* or cast my fancy *Retweet* Spell!

If I retweet or favorite something, it actually holds significance.  I don't do this randomly.  If something gets my favorite or retweet, it's because I enjoyed it or found it important/ relevant.

A Reciprocal Twitter

I believe Twitter at its finest can be a hub, a realm of dialogue, learning, growth.

For me, the finest Twitter people are those that interact, that exchange, that don't hold themselves above others.  People who see the potential for more than just networking or a different/ new kind of social status/ stratification.

In real life, it's always nice when people are nice to each other!  And slightly annoying when people simply absorb the kindness of others.

As above, so below.

Ultimately, I'm glad I'm on Twitter!  And yeah... I'm still a NOOB!