Well, I like lots of comics, but X-Men are my faves.

As a troubled kid, they were an escape.  But more than that, they represented many things that I related to, like being an outcast and target of hate.  I will always have a fondness for X-Men.


There's nothing like being somewhere new!

I enjoy both being "touristy" and "with the locals."  Hanging in new environments feels like learning mixed with adventure.

I try to know at least enough language/ custom to be polite: Please and Thank You, for example.

I've been to: Paris, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Nepal, Delhi, Dharamsala, Milan, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Florence, Pisa, Tokyo, Oahu & Hilo, New York City, Arizona, Colorado, Sac/ San Diego/ LA, San Antonio, Dallas, Baltimore, Las Vegas, the "Four Corners", the Grand Canyon, Seattle, Davis & Environs, Utah (only for Kayaking/ Hiking), Washington D.C., Claremont (California), and obviously places around the SF/ Bay Area.

Coffee Shops!

When I was a teen in the Denver area, there was an ubiquitous presence of racism and homophobia.

Someone brought me to a cool coffee shop called "Muddy's."  Immediately... I felt at home.  It was dark and diverse and fun, rife with possibilities.

No... that's not quite true.  I felt out of place.  Like I was in a haven but I wasn't good enough to be there.  I loved it, though.  Ever since, I've had a thing for coffee shops, especially certain kinds.  I love mom & pops, I love supporting small businesses, and I'm a bit of a coffee snob -- but not to the point where I won't chill somewhere if there are other neat things about a place.




I said "duh!"

Eating... Food & Stuff!

I'm vegetarian.  But I love eating, I love food, trying different cuisines and new things.


Mom used to cook.  She was the first to teach me the basics.  I've spent a lot of time in restaurants since, and I can make a lot of things fairly "okay."  Even though I'm vegetarian, I enjoy the challenge and art of cooking, and have been known to cook meat, fish or poultry for other people.

On the other hand, I can't bake!!!


Give me a good red!  I like bold, spicy, in your face flavors!  Heck, sometimes I like a nice, smooth red.  Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, those are my go-to's.  I'll sometimes get a Syrah.

But if you open a Cab or Merlot or anything else... yah.  Pour me a glass, too.

TV Shows!!


Horror... Especially Movies!

Tea!  No, wait... Coffee!

Music! Music!! Music!!!  I only survived High School because of music.

RPG's!!! (good ol' AD&D... I miss ya....)

Video Games!!!  Total War!!!

Cats... and Animals!

*SIGH* there are so many things I like....

Ultimately, I'm glad I'm on Twitter!  And yeah... I'm still a NOOB!